Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should be about 250 words with a maximum of 300 words. (For this symposium we are publishing abstracts only). The language must be in English. (For this symposium we are publishing only abstracts in English)
There may be minor editorial amendment in final copy subject to print layout etc, but your paper will not be altered substantively. Please proof read your abstract carefully . It is critical that your abstract is received by the 30th June 2023. Abstracts received after that date will not be considered for inclusion.

  • Background & Context: Provide a brief description of the context for the work being presented
  • Briefly describe the key findings/ implications of the work for education & training, organisation / management, policy and guidance.
  • Identify how your work may inform similar initiatives in other settings or contexts or countries.

Please provide similar details for all other presenters / authors for your submission